Personal data privacy policy :

Vsindhi platform gives you the freedom of sharing your thoughts, opinions, suggestions etc. Our vision is so clear that we want to connect each individual of Sindhi community in this live platform. For this purpose, we collect your privacy data for security reasons. This policy contains all facts that how we use your data and share your personal information. Our policy applies to all our services like social networking, matrimony, & advertisements etc.

Policy contents:

Privacy data collection.

Privacy data uses.

Privacy data shared.

Management of your personal data.

Legal issues about your privacy data.

Changes in policy.

Privacy data collection.

  • We collect your personal details at the time of sign up.
  • We collect information about the persons connected with you on this platform.
  • Your shares, messages, and all your activities.
  • The data of others like messages to you, proposals, shares with you.
  • The groups created by you, & groups to which you are connected. Your public interest, shares, interaction etc.
  • We also collect the information of your payments when you purchase our services like matrimony, advertisement etc.
  • Your device information by which you are using our platform & your IP address.

Privacy data uses.

For verify your account and activities for safety.

We use the privacy data to communicate with you. For example, To response your queries, to send updates of our products, services, and features.

To deliver our services and improvement.

To get feedback from you.

To manage our advertisement services.

For safety and security.

Privacy data shared.

  • When you create your account you have the option to upload your personal information. Your public profile only shows your name, work, and place to others.
  • On your timeline wall all posts, videos pictures, and comments related to you and your friends will be shown in public.
  • When you use our matrimony service you all information uploaded by you will be shown in public.

Management of your personal data:

All your privacy data can be managed by you in our both social networking service as well as our matrimony service. You can update your information anytime.

Legal issues related to your privacy data:

If any illegal issue will be created by your activities we can give your private data to the jurisdiction of India in response to legal requests.

Changes in policy.

We’ll notify you before we make changes to this policy and give you the opportunity to review and comment on the revised policy before continuing to use our Services.

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